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Lara Adrienne performs at all kinds of events.  For more information, please visit her primary dance website,

The story of Little Raqs

Little Raqs:
Belly dance, also commonly known as Oriental dance or Middle Eastern dance, is called raqs sharqi, or dance of the East, in Arabic.  “Little Raqs” liberally translates to “little dancers!”  Miss Little Raqs (Lara Adrienne) majored in Spanish and elementary education, has worked in the United States and in Istanbul, Turkey as a pre-school teacher, kindergarten teacher, and reading and language tutor.  She studied belly dance extensively in the United States and Turkey, and has been teaching belly dance since 2006.  As a teacher, Lara Adrienne received training in drama and art for young learners, music and movement for young learners, and dance, music, movement, and storytelling were woven into every day’s lesson plan.

Lara Adrienne teaches belly dance to adults in two Washington, DC locations, performs in area restaurants, at weddings and concerts, and at many public and private events.  In her experience performing, Lara discovered that children, girls and boys, love to get up and dance with the belly dancer.  Dancing is an innate ability that gives us joy.  Lara Adrienne aims to bring that joy to your child’s party for an unforgettable experience!